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Reducing Fraud With Global Force

Are you stuck with a fraud case and don't know where to start? Global Force is the answer you've been looking for. We work with businesses and people to uncover fraudulent information before and after it happens. Our wide range of experts understands the industry and what you need to start your recovery journey from scams or embezzlement in your business. 


We work with businesses to stop card fraud, get back money from fraudulent activities, and prevent losses from them. 

Stop Card Fraud

Using our fraud database, you can scan addresses to understand if you are working with legit business owners. If the ship to address is in our fraud database, we can advise on how you'll go about it to avoid deceit or business scam.

Get Your Money From Fraud

Fraud losses aren't limited to the merchandise or money lost; the extra charges or bank fees could run you down. If you can work with law enforcers to recover your money or merchandise, you can reduce your losses. Our experts work with law enforcers to fast-track your case with accuracy.

Prevent Losses From Fraud and Other Thefts

At Global Force, we advise businesses on how to handle their business transactions better. Once you become a member, you'll gain access to our database, which has comprehensive reports of fraud reports or cases. We enlighten you on what you should know about any new technology or information on items such as credit cards and debit cards.

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